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Why Choose Aveda Products?

The vision of Aveda is to make a connection between three areas:
well-being, beauty and the environment. The mission of Aveda is
to create products that play a part in taking care of the world.
The goal of Aveda is to set an example, not just in the beauty products
that we create, but in the realm of environmental responsibility
and leadership, all over the globe.

Aveda believes in treating the planet, each other and ourselves
with care and respect. We also believe that we are responsible
for ensuring social responsibility, and that it is possible to achieve
financial and ecological goals at the same time. Aveda believes
strongly in providing our customers with an authentic
beauty experience that stands apart from our competitors.

We strive to both inspire and educate our customers to integrate
beauty and wellness in their lives, embracing a single-minded focus
on both our network and our global image. It is our deepest belief that learning is something that we do throughout our lifetimes,
and we work to encourage innovation and decision-making
to empower individuals.

Aveda firmly believes that
it is important to embrace excellence in everything that we do,
from the products we produce to the services we provide.
We believe that balance is the key to true success and that leadership should be done by example and with passion.

All Aveda products embrace this belief.

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