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                             Spa Services

At Bliss Spa We Are Committed To Providing Rest And Renewal Of Mind, Body And Spirit. We Uphold Aveda’s Ayurvedic Practices Of Balancing One’s Whole Being. Each Treatment Will Take You Thru A Sensory Journey While Targeting Specific Focuses That Are Personally Customized. Our Pure And Clean Botanical Products Will Leave Your Skin Nourished And Rejuvenated. Arrive To Your Appointment Early And Start Your Session By Relaxing With A Complimentary Cup Of Hot Aveda Herbal Tea Or Glass Of Wine. Be Our Guest And Experience The Magic Of Aveda.
Customized Aveda Tulasara Facial: Aveda specializes in combining results-driven facial treatments with a unique, therapeutic spa experience that features touch, breath, and aroma. Your skin care specialist will conduct a thorough consultation to design a facial treatment and corresponding treatment plan that is well designed for you and your skin.  
Customized Aveda Facial   30 Minute    $50
Customized Aveda Facial   60 Minute   $90
Customized Aveda Facial   90 Minute  $120 
Botanical Skin Resurfacing Facial: A natural alternative to microdermabrasion. This facial contains marine and plant extracts that detox and purify the skin. 

60 Minute    $100     
90 Minute   $130 

Duel Exfoliation Peel Facial:  A non-invasive, skin-renewing treatment, this facial combines naturally derived mechanical and biochemical exfoliation methods into one powerful service. Clinical Claims: Immediate: 86% improvement of moisturize, 59% improvement of smoothness, 32% improvement of radiance, 12% reduction in the appearance of pore size.
  60 Minute     $110    
90 Minute    $135

Skin Enhancements

Perfecting Plant Peel: This 30% glycolic peel instantly retexturizes the epidermis, smooths fine lines, refines the look of pores, restores radiance, and is safe for sensitive or acneic skin conditions. 

20 Minute           $40     
Pumpkin Peel: This Fall favorite is now available for you to enjoy the whole year! This peel contains 20% AHA with pumpkin enzymes that
naturally breakdown dead skin cells. Instantly retexturizes your epidermis and encourages an even tone, leaving skin smooth and glowing! 
20 Minute    $40
Energizing Eye Treatment: Moisturize, energize and revitalize. The techniques and skin care products in this treatment will infuse the skin around the eyes with hydration to keep the eyes looking youthful, clear, and bright. Our specialized pressure point focuses will relieve tension and encourage circulation. 

10 Minute     $30  
High Frequency: This treatment delivers the safe and gentle oscillating oxygenating power of electrical currents. These currents are high frequency and have many functions and benefits such as increasing collagen production, enhancing blood circulation, evening skin tone,
encouraging lymphatic drainage, exfoliating dead skin cells and possesses antibacterial properties which promotes healing.

Ultrasonic Extractions:  Uses low frequency ultrasonic sound waves and micro-current to gently draw out congestion caught deep in the pores.

Body Treatments:

Elemental Nature Back Treatment: Get at those hard to reach areas with this unique, deep cleansing treatment for the back, neck and shoulders. While experiencing a plant and flower steam inhalation, the back and shoulders are purified. The texture of the skin is refined followed by a deeply relaxing massage and an herbal treatment masque. This treatment eliminates impurities, releases tension in the muscles and leaves the skin soft and smooth.

60 Minute       $95 
Aveda Aroma Body Polish: Rejuvenate your whole body with this relaxing treatment! The skin is cleansed and polished with customized products that will sooth your own individual needs. Includes a balancing massage for your body and scalp. Hot compresses will relax your muscles and our polish will exfoliate and moisturize, leaving your skin radiant and smooth.

90 Minute         $120

Stress Fix Body Treatment: This unique and therapeutic protocol was developed by Bliss’ own esthetician by using Aveda principles. This treatment focuses specifically on the power of touch and aromatherapy. Our line of stress fix products will soothe your mind and nourish your skin. Stress Fix is designed with organic lavender and clary sage which have been proven to reduce feelings of stress and anxiety.
90 Minute        $130  

Cherry Almond Body Wrap: Hydrate and soften your skin with Aveda's nourishing Cherry Almond line. The skin is cleansed and exfoliated before being lathered with oil and moisturizer, lightly massaged and wrapped in a thermal blanket which uses your own body heat to open pores, allowing for deeper product penetration and hydration. Followed by a hot towel head wrap and scalp massage. 
90 Minute        $135 

Beautifying Body Wrap: Rejuvenate and restore your skin’s natural glow with this invigorating treatment. The skin is vigorously polished, lathered
and lightly massaged with our beautifying composition oil before being wrapped in a thermal blanket. Followed by a hot towel wrap and aroma oil scalp massage. 

90 Minute         $135 
Rosemary Mint Purifying Treatment: This treatment focuses on detoxifying and purifying the skin with essential oils, light massage that encourages lymphatic drainage, and a seaweed masque. This treatment will leave your skin looking and feeling refreshed and healthy. 

90 Minute      $130     

Sugaring: This evolutionary technique of hair removal will leave your skin soft and happy! Sugar paste is an eco friendly way to remove unwanted hair. Made from 100% all natural sugar, honey and lemon juice, Sugaring is suitable for all skin types. The hair is removed in the direction of the hair growth so there is less chance of hair breakage and ingrown hairs. The paste only attaches to the hair and not your skin making this form of hair removal less painful and gentle for sensitive skin types. Sugaring exfoliates the skin while removing hair, leaving your skin vibrant, smooth and healthy! 

Eyebrow                         $22
Lip, Chin, or Cheek       $17
Full Face                        $55 
Full Legs                       $140
Full Arms                     $55
Chest                            $75 
Back                             $75
Abdomen                    $45
Underarms                $40
Bikini                          $50
Brazilian                    $90